Monday, 4 June 2012

Inspiration and Experience: Miss Aniela

So this blog post is about the Miss Aniela Fashion Shoot Experience I was part of way back in February. It was amazing as always. The Roost is such a beautiful location, and Natalie and Matt did a brilliant job organizing the event! The models were outstanding too, as was the styling, hair and make-up! It was the second shoot experience by Miss Aniela that I was fortunate enough to be a part of, and arrived with really high expectations. I was far from disappointed.

These are some my favorite photos from the day:

Model: Alison McGowen

Styling: Pash, stylecreative  

Model: Katie Johnson
Styling: Pash, stylecreative 
Outfit: Queen of the Wild 


Model: Scarlet Song 

Hair: Kaylee Yasmin
MUA: Grace Gray 

And this was by far the funkiest to shoot! The assistants were amazing. They helped “fluffy-fy” the dress, by using reflectors as wind machines!

I also had Andy help along here, by throwing the feathers in the cage and pulling his hand out instantly. I wanted to make the bird look like it was exploding – sort of like the scene from Shrek where Fiona sings and a bird blows up! (I saw the musical the night before so had Shrek on my mind!) He was such a star!

And I had Torsten Kieslich as my partner in crime for the day, who was a brilliant source of inspiration!

We finished off the day with the beautiful Scarlet, and were all completely exhausted by this time. Andy had suggested Scarlet should stand by the bar, and after a bit of creative bickering back and forth between Andy and me, poor Scarlet ended up with a broom in her hands, sweeping away… on the bar!

If anyone who’s reading this has considered being part of one of these shoot experiences at some point I would highly recommend going for it! It’s hands down worth every penny and more! You meet a group of inspiring, interesting, creative and caring people from all over the world who chose to come together on this day to further their own photographic work, and just to share the experience. After each of the two sessions I actually felt like I reached a new level with my own work. It’s an amazing feeling, so if you’re even feeling borderline about your work and don’t know how to make it better or you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, try to attend one of these days – your creativity will definitely get revived!

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